~I love my new Orobar! I will admit, I was skeptical at first, and thought I will have to try it to believe it, and it works! I use mine mainly on my cheeks, and up my jaw bone line. It gives me an instant lift.  I can feel my skin stimulating for hours after. I hadn't seen my girlfriends in a while, and when we met up the other night they kept commenting on how my skin was glowing. The first question they asked was "what did you get done"? Needless to say I felt pretty good that night, and I have my new side kick, the "Orobar" to thank!




~When I first heard of the Orobar I was definitely a skeptic. I thought, how can this tiny little gadget possibly do all the wondrous things it claims to do? All skepticism aside, I had to use it for myself to see it to believe it. First day I tried it I brought it with me on a weekend getaway. I love the size for travelling, and the portability to fit into any make up bag, travel bag, or purse.

I used it after my shower in the morning during my routine regiment of skin cleanser, skin softener and moisturizer. I felt a difference in my skin right away! My skin felt much tighter and brighter. My daily skincare routine has always been the same for over five years. I use Sheseido's Ibuki skincare line so noticing a difference right away after adding the Orobar into the mix was easy to spot.

I was so amazed, I even demonstrated it to my husband then used it on his face to share my enthusiasm.

It has now been over a month now using the Oro bar with my morning, and nightly skincare regime. I've noticed less wrinkles around areas I used to get them like my forehead, under my eyes, and the corners of my smile.

Bottom line, there is a science behind this all and I am no longer a skeptic but a true believer in the Orobar.




~ I'm so happy I bought the orobar! Such a simple tool has changed the dynamics of my face. I use it daily to drain my lymph glands so I don't wake up with a puffy face. I've seen less wrinkles and I finally have a natural contour without makeup! I would recommend to everyone! 



~ I was quite excited about trying Orobar when I first heard about it! After trying out this beautiful 24K gold plated bar, I noticed instant circulation and lift to my face. The vibrations felt invigorating and my skin felt smooth and refreshed immediately after use.
I continue to use daily for a minimum of 3-5 minutes. I absolutely love using this elegant accessory piece which sits right next to my skin care essentials.

-Jasmine P.



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